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Performance can be attributed to many things. As long as I’ve been competing, I learn time and time again that performance not only comes from things like good hard work and recovery, but also to good people.

Think about it…have you ever achieved anything without the contribution of others?

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have experienced the opportunities and success I’ve had in life and sport; but by no means can I say this success is mine. When I show people the 2014 Women’s Rugby World Cup silver medal I tell them to try it on. About 90% say, “On no! I couldn’t, this is yours!” While truthfully, I wouldn’t have that medal if it wasn’t for my teammates, coaches, trainers, therapists, family, friends, loved ones, club members, financial backers, sponsors, community supporters, provincial and national unions, Canadians and worldwide lovers of the sport etc. etc. etc. It, truly, is the people that make the difference – for better and for worse.

Think about it…have you ever achieved anything without the contribution of others?

In my professional experience, people either love their work because of the people or would love their work if it wasn’t for the people. I’ve got news for you;_ the work is the people_. Relationships, to self and others, will either make or break success.

The 2017 World Cup experience was quite a different from 2014. We lost for the first time in pool play effectively eliminating any chances of medalling. It was hard… it was very hard and all of us were hurting. At these times of adversity, we all have options. We can take our pain, close our hearts, splinter off, become fractured from those around us and escape. Or we can feel our pain, let it open our hearts to those around us, forging us, making us stronger. We chose option 2.

Relationships, to self and others, will either make or break success.

We got tighter as a unit, we recalled our core goals, which were to play with freedom; to ‘jouer’. For me, I would call that playing for the love of the game, the love of each other and of the choices that we and our loved ones had made to get there. I remember our captain, Kelly Russell, addressing the group after our final game vs Australia(YouTube link), she spoke to the quality, character, and resilience of our group. She spoke to how we came together when times were tough, she said, “That’s love.”

After all these years of international competition, regardless of where we finish, I will never forget the stories, the friendships, and the feeling of playing the game. I’m constantly reminded that performance comes from hard work and recovery, and it its remarkably enhanced by good people.

Who are the good people helping you with your performance?

The most challenging & best thing I have done is... grieved where I've lost, forgiven myself where I've erred & loved the game in spite of it all! - Andrea Burk
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Andrea Burk is a Women’s Rugby World Cup silver medalist (2014) for Canada, a motivational speaker and a rugby TV announcer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) during the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

A member of the National Senior Women’s Rugby Team since 2009, she was a 2015 Player of the Year finalist, named to the Women’s Rugby World Cup Dream Team, and was awarded Rugby Canada’s Gillian Florence award in 2014, which recognizes the player who best embodies the qualities of a Canadian national team player as voted on by her teammates.

Andrea's expertise is in building team cultures that thrive in highly competitive environments. She applies her proven strategies that make her a world-class athlete to motivate and inspire others to win in their own fields.

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